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3D CAD Mechanical Design Engineering in North East England.
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Cad Supreme 3D Cad Design

3D Design Engineer and Contract Draughtsman based in North East England

Here is a selection of projects showing the range of work completed over the years. The dimensions have been removed from the drawings even though these are bespoke items and no use to anyone else. Most of these items are very simple but the important feature of 3D modelling is that the development is done in software rather than finding problems later on when manufacturing expensive hardware. Production lines running on 3shifts always have very tight windows for installation so all projects need to be right first time and fit within existing facilities. 3D modelling is just a tool like any other, but it's a very powerful one which can be used in so many different ways and solve a great many problems.

Cad Supreme Ltd is ready to work on your 3D design projects.

Cad Supreme Ltd was started by Gordon Callander in 2011 following 22 years working in large companies. Gordon graduated from Strathclyde University with a degree in Production Engineering and Management in 1988 and has worked in the Engineering sector ever since. Gordon initially worked for Babcock Energy Ltd in Renfrew, then Volvo Truck and Bus Ltd in Irvine (and Xian, China) and then Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd in Sunderland. Gordon decided to go freelance and is loving the variety that this brings with Product Design for some clients and Facility Design, Manufacture and Installation for others.

The majority of work over the years has been Design and Installation of small low cost automation projects at Nissan in Sunderland initially as sub contractor with Serra Soldadura (Barcelona), and local Contractors - Rapid Engineering NE Ltd, Owben Ltd, R and B Control Solutions as well as directly for Nissan since 2013.

SMH Products Ltd in South Shields initially asked for a set of Assembly Drawings to be produced for Homolgation purposes for their existing products. This included Reverse Engineering everything by measuring and 3D modelling all of the components used in the factory. This allowed the creation of accurate fully assembled models of all products and this was paid for on a hourly rate per project. In order to spread the cost and ease budgeting, we agreed to change this hourly working to 1 day per week at their premises. This phase of working then lead to the design of completely new products in brand new business sectors utilising as many of the existing components and skills that the factory already had available. All prototyping was carried out in 3D software and the requirements could be discussed and agreed with the clients before manufacturing started.

Cad Supreme has also undertaken complete Factory Layouts for SMH Products and individual cell layout drawings for Rolls Royce in Sunderland. Other clients include Durham University and Ranium Ltd for a variety of designs for Research and Development projects.
The last large scale Design Project was as a Contract Draftsman for Altec Engineering Ltd in Bowburn for the Mechanical Design of a complete manufacturing cell for a major Automotive client.
Many clients require Non-Disclosure contracts to be signed, which is considered standard practice especially with Research and Development projects.